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As a spoken word artist and as a Muslim what is permissible? and what is not permissible?

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I am a Bangladeshi spoken word artist. At the moment I am enjoying developing my delivery of my chosen spoken word art form. In the process I am learning about myself building my spoken word style. I have been presenting in public spaces thoughout London, performing only where there are options for non-alcholic refreshments as well as vegitarian foods.

Musalman @ the Dogstar, Brixton, London...musalman@Dogstar Show Real...Dawah Power, booked by MEOW promotions and ROSS DE BOSS. Working with various other support artist's...text show real...(need a show real contact me)...

Musalman @ the Poetry Cafe, London...developing my delivery of butcher's hook, look, see, with a touch of comedy at the end of the video...but need more practice...Thanks to Niall O'Sullivan for hoasting the event.

Musalman @ the ICA London...working with Kush Promotions...Thanks to Marlon Palmer...This is a previous performance, but shows development of confidence, working with different audiences. A Big thank you to the ICA and for being able to work with another poet called Tuggstar.

Musalman @ D'Gaf Stratford, London...delivering Butcher's hook, look, see - to a Muslim audience and recognising a comedy element to my poetry.

Musalman @ the Lewisham basement recording studio, in South London ...Thanks to Zahed Sound Engineer, Carl on Bass and Vickash on Drums - Working on "Butcher's hook, look, see (3.0)" - Feedback on Facebook, Twitter, Blogger, Youtube followers welcome to come and contribute through dialogue and social networking interaction...all welcome.

Musalman @ the Brixton Ritzy, London...promoting the current product - "Butcher's hook, look, see (3.0) On the right is a picture of Vikash playing the Tabla in the Lewisham studio.

Global Faction filming in the background and an African Drummer playing on the left youtube link.

Musalman @ Motown Deserts, London...promoting the stage product "Planet of the Grapes and the Attack of the Green Chillies." PRS, PPL protected.

Planning to develop what was a 20 second comedy piece to a 30 minute - 1 hour stage show.

"Dawah Power" Kind Regards musalman...