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Sunday 26th February 2012

Location to be announced

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(Watch this space)


Thirty years ago there were fewer than 500 Asian restaurants in the UK, while today there are more than 17,000

curry houses throughout Great Britain. Picking up on this momentum and also applying my skills as a

qualified textile artist I present “CURRY & CULTURE,” an events space for spoken word, comedy, open mic,

exhibition and critique. An event space is planned to take place once a month in one of London’s curry houses.

In the recent climate of recession and with university and college courses downsizing or shutting down, because

of budget restraints and financial cuts, there is a growing demand for artists to receive support and constructive

criticism outside and beyond the shelter and support ofuniversities or colleges. A space where artist’s can

apply a business sense in a real world environment by keeping a finger on the cultural pulse by

stepping up onto a platform as to elevate ones senses as to be better exposed to knowledge undiscovered.

Curry & Culture is such a space, where professionally trained artist’s and self starters are given a creative platform

for experimentation, innovation and entrepreneurial design and development, working within the boundaries of what

is permissible are all part and parcel of Curry & Culture. Be a participant or spectator.

If you want to take part then email me your interest with the subject heading “Curry & Culture.” Please add to the

email how you would like to contribute or if you are planning just to be a spectator.


Depending on the number of interest shown, a restaurant with appropriate seating capacity within London, will be

selected. If you would like to make suggestions for restaurant locations, or you are interested in providing support,

with the proposed set up of events please do let me know your interests.