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Above is an example of a 27,000 pound artist installation project accomplished

which involved researching Roman, Anglo-Saxon, Viking and Norman

architecture and armoury, commissioned by Impressions Gallery in York

Above are images from an interior design project, where Barnet Tandori restaurant was

transformed to a train theme Spice Carriage in High Barnet, North London

Above is an introduction to an Artist in Residency Project working in collaboration

with the opening of the Churchill Museum. Which was opened by the Queen

I provided ten hours at 180 pounds an hour over a three week period

I am a Bangladeshi spoken word artist. At the moment I am enjoying developing my delivery of my chosen spoken word art form. In the process I am learning about myself building my spoken word style. I have been presenting in public spaces thoughout London, performing only where there are options for non-alcholic refreshments as well as vegitarian foods.

An online CV will be viewable on request...please email your reasons to view my personal details

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