These are a few of my public performances, which I am in a process of developing...


I am a Bangladeshi spoken word artist. At the moment I am enjoying developing my delivery of my chosen spoken word art form. In the process I am learning about myself building my spoken word style. I have been presenting in public spaces thoughout London, performing only where there are options for non-alcholic refreshments as well as vegitarian foods.


Sunday 26th February 2012

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Musalman @ The White Lion

Musalman's most recent performance

There's not much difference between

Osama and Obama.

But now the issues just a drop in the Ocean

Musalman at D'Gaf, Stratford, London

Musalman's most recent performance

"Boucher's hook, look, see...or Butcher's hook, look,see"

Musalman Upstairs at the Ritzy, Brixton, London

Musalman's performing

Katching, Katching goes the change in my pocket...

Musalman at Inspiral Cafe in Camden

performing Butcher's hook, look, see

Musalman at The Poetry Cafe in Covent Garden, London

performing Butcher's hook, look, see or

Boucher's hook, look, see