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As a spoken word artist and as a Muslim what is permissible? and what is not permissible?

Season of Bangla Drama - Planet of the Grapes and the Attack of the Green Chillies

Theatre Production...scroll down to view previous poetry performances

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You can commission me to make these hand made soft Mariono wool scarves

Previously worked with Streatham Mosque, Streatham Library

Bringing Poetry and Nasheed to Streatham Festival 2014 Summer Rickshaw Project.

During the Month of Ramadan - 10K funded project


I am a Bangladeshi spoken word artist. At the moment I am enjoying developing my delivery of my chosen spoken word art form. In the process I am learning about myself building my spoken word style. I have been presenting in public spaces thoughout London, performing only where there are options for non-alcholic refreshments as well as vegitarian foods.

Musalman @ the Dogstar, Brixton, London...musalman@Dogstar Show Real...Dawah Power, booked by MEOW promotions and ROSS DE BOSS. Working with various other support artist's...text show real...(need a show real contact me)...

Musalman @ the Poetry Cafe, London...developing my delivery of butcher's hook, look, see, with a touch of comedy at the end of the video...but need more practice...Thanks to Niall O'Sullivan for hoasting the event.

Musalman @ the ICA London...working with Kush Promotions...Thanks to Marlon Palmer...This is a previous performance, but shows development of confidence, working with different audiences. A Big thank you to the ICA and for being able to work with another poet called Tuggstar.

Musalman @ D'Gaf Stratford, London...delivering Butcher's hook, look, see - to a Muslim audience and recognising a comedy element to my poetry.

Musalman @ the Lewisham basement recording studio, in South London ...Thanks to Zahed Sound Engineer, Carl on Bass and Vickash on Drums - Working on "Butcher's hook, look, see (3.0)" - Feedback on Facebook, Twitter, Blogger, Youtube followers welcome to come and contribute through dialogue and social networking interaction...all welcome.

Musalman @ the Brixton Ritzy, London...promoting the current product - "Butcher's hook, look, see (3.0) On the right is a picture of Vikash playing the Tabla in the Lewisham studio.

Global Faction filming in the background and an African Drummer playing on the left youtube link.

Musalman @ Motown Deserts, London...promoting the stage product "Planet of the Grapes and the Attack of the Green Chillies." PRS, PPL protected.

Planning to develop what was a 20 second comedy piece to a 30 minute - 1 hour stage show.

"Dawah Power" Kind Regards musalman...